Waitrose Logo History and Evolution Story of Waitrose


Waitrose Logo History

even though the Waitrose brand has continually been built across the name of the business enterprise, it did no longer appearance the equal in the course of the corporation’s history.

Meaning of Waitrose Logo

earlier than 1997, Waitrose did not have a marketing branch of its very own. So, it was perfectly natural that advertising have been small-scale. while the advertising branch became created in 1997, it supposed no longer most effective the begin of a massive-scale marketing campaign, but also new image design across all product packaging.

Symbol of Waitrose Logo

The wordmark that existed before the Eighties featured a ambitious serif all-cap typeface. in the 1984 logotype, the kind changed into now not bold. The wordmark was given in black in a clean serif typeface. all the letters were capitals, which ensured incredible legibility. The logo stuck the eye of clients with the bright orange bar below the name of the store chain. It became used on the homes in addition to the provider luggage.

Emblem of Waitrose Logo

The current wordmark is the result of collaboration among the agency’s advertising and marketing branch, the Massachusetts-primarily based corporation Monotype Imaging, and the emblem consultancy Interbrand. unlike the previous variations, the wordmark features most effective one capital letter, while all the others are lowercase. The logotype seems much extra modern and smooth than its predecessors.

Waitrose Logo’s Font

The typeface seems much like the Futura BQ e book font, although the glyphs are customized (for example, the letter “t”). The sans serif font was created by way of Paul Renner and posted by means of the Berthold type foundry.

Waitrose Logo’s Color

The 2004 rebrand covered a completely new colour scheme. From then on, the Waitrose shops were the use of a specific colour of yellowish green.

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