Sony Logo History and Evolution Story of Sony

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Sony Logo History

The earliest Sony brand dates back to 1955. It changed into the first time whilst the corporation (which turned into known as Totsuko lower back then) determined to use the Sony brand. the brand new emblem call became out to be so successful that the company started to call itself Sony agency in 1858. The emblem featured the name of the organization in a transparent, clear italic typeface. The most one-of-a-kind characters have been “S” and “Y”. Their ends shaped two parallel lines.

The earliest Sony emblem dates returned to 1955. It modified into the first time while the enterprise (which turned into called Totsuko lower returned then) determined to use the Sony brand. the trendy emblem call have become out to be so a hit that the corporation commenced to call itself Sony business enterprise in 1858. The emblem featured the name of the organisation in a obvious, clean italic typeface. The maximum one-of-a-kind characters were “S” and “Y”. Their ends fashioned two parallel traces.

over time, we’ve got extended the scope of our enterprise beyond electronics to track, movies, games and community services – permitting us to provide precise stories and emotion through our rich array of property, in a way that simplest Sony can supply.

The tempo of innovation across all of the corporations wherein we operate continues to intensify. This constantly creates new challenges, in addition to unlimited opportunities for Sony employees.

that is why Sony remains dedicated to looking for specific and proficient people who proportion our passion for giving clients the very satisfactory in technology, design and entertainment. We offer wide publicity and numerous possibilities across a couple of geographies and contours of enterprise.
we’re now transferring towards an thrilling new phase of boom, firmly centered on the subsequent generation of our corporation. at the equal time, we stay guided by using the “Spirit of Innovation and venture” – standards which have been instilled within the company considering its founding in 1946 – in the entirety that we do.

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