Orlando Magic Logo History and Evolution Story of Orlando Magic


Orlando Magic Logo History

Orlando Magic has moved from a relatively cartoonish emblem with masses of stars to a extra sensible one. And but, it has nevertheless preserved plenty of its Magical kingdom look.

Meaning of Orlando Magic Logo

The sports club positioned a lot of effort into its first brand. The brand and the uniform had been the result of the collaboration among the marketing business enterprise The advertising and marketing Works and Walt Disney global artists. greater than five thousand recommendations were received from the group’s fans around america.

finally, in 1990 the logo with stars in place of the letters “A” become introduced. There had been around 20 smaller stars inside the emblem. aside from the name of the crew, there has been a blue basketball with silver trim.

Symbol of Orlando Magic Logo

Following the relocation to the Amway Centre in 2010, the group delivered a new image. long past were the three stars inside the wordmark. The very form of all of the letters turned into heavily changed. In reality, the typeface did now not appearance “magic” any greater.

however, the ball preserved its comet-like look, as well as the celebrities in its tail, so we cannot say that the crew truly got rid of the “magic” subject.

Emblem of Orlando Magic Logo

Ten years later, the membership modified its logotype with out surely converting its key issues. The ball received a extra “comet-like” look. further to the two stars inside the phrases “Orlando Magic”, one more big name seemed in preference to the dot above the letter “i”. the general number of stars changed into faded to 6 (three in the wordmark, three extra in the comet’s tail).

Orlando Magic Logo’s Font

although the typeface of the current logotype appears rather uncommon, it’s miles nonetheless way greater normal than the one used inside the authentic logo of the Nineteen Nineties. The modern model is without a doubt more legible and clean.

Orlando Magic Logo’s Color

The Orlando Magic emblem features all of the 3 team’s legit hues: blue, black, and silver. in the beginning Pat Williams desired to opt for black and gold, but sooner or later the crew chose silver and the electric blue that become evolved by the MacGregor business enterprise in particular for Orlando Magic.

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