Marriott Logo History and Evolution Story of Marriott


Marriott Logo History

The contemporary Marriott logo delivered in 2013 has a greater state-of-the-art appearance than the previous one, removing the double “M” of its predecessor.

Meaning of Marriott Logo

Many visitors of the 2000s were familiar with the different purple wordmark the Marriott inns used. It featured the call of the company in a custom font, with a circular shape above it. in the circle, there appeared to be a part of the letter “M”.

Symbol of Marriott Logo

In 2013, the corporation launched a worldwide advertising marketing campaign referred to as “journey Brilliantly”, where a new logotype might be seen. both the campaign and the emblem had been developed through the marketing and communications employer grey new york (ny).

Emblem of Marriott Logo

In a way, the current logo is a shorter version of the preceding one. It makes the letter “M” its visual middle, at the same time as disposing of all the other pink letters. as a substitute, it capabilities the name of the lodge in a clear sans serif font underneath the “M” icon. additionally, the circle form above the wordmark has been eliminated.

Marriott Logo’s Font

The call of the inn is given in a wonderfully legible sans serif uppercase typeface.

Marriott Logo’s Color

the long-lasting aggregate of the white historical past and the saturated shade of red is many of the distinct features of the Marriott logo.

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