Facebook Logo History and Evolution Story of Facebook

Facebook Logo History nowadays, facebook is a call that speaks for itself. released in 2004 with the aid of Mark Zuckerberg, the service has made a first-rate jump from a web image directory to a global social networking carrier. Meaning of Facebook Logo on account that its inception, the fb …


HTC Logo History and Evolution Story of HTC

HTC Logo History HTC employer is a Taiwan-based totally client electronics manufacturer. notwithstanding its as a substitute younger age, the agency is on top of its sport. In 2011 HTC occupied the 98th line within the list of pleasant international brands provided via Interbrand. The organization’s percentage on the world …


Destiny Logo History and Evolution Story of Destiny

Destiny Logo History the web multiplayer online game future was created by way of Bungie. The agency has never given any official rationalization of the destiny brand to this point, so there are quite some theories about the which means of the logo. Meaning of Destiny Logo The brand nicknamed …


Odnoklassniki Logo History and Evolution Story of Odnoklassniki

Odnoklassniki Logo History The earliest Odnoklassniki emblem changed into created through Russian designer and representative Dmitryi Utkin in 2006, while nobody ought to in reality predict that it was to end up one of the Russia’s biggest social networks. curiously sufficient, Dmitryi Utkin became also the primary person registered at …


Google Logo History and Evolution Story of Google

Google Logo History Google is the most popular seek engine within the international with the broadest language support. It was created with the aid of Sergey Brin and Larry page – Stamford college students. every other dressmaker – Ruth Kedar – made a splendid contribution to the evolution of the …


Canon Logo History and Evolution Story of Canon

Canon Logo History Canon is a japanese producer of high-tech products, which consist of cameras, printers, photocopiers, and many others. The enterprise seemed in 1937, and now it’s miles based in Ota, Tokyo. Meaning of Canon Logo The first Canon logo featured an image of Kwanon, the Goddess of Mercy. …


Amazon Logo History and Evolution Story of Amazon

Amazon Logo History since the company’s inception, it has had four brand versions. the primary one featured a translucent “A” on a calming water background, beneath which “, the Earth’s largest bookstall” became written. the following brand become introduced in 1998. It had a easier layout: “” on a white …


Asus Logo History and Evolution Story of Asus

Asus Logo History Asus is a laptop electronics and hardware producer from Taipei, Taiwan. The name was stimulated by way of Pegasus – the highly worshipped winged horse from Greek mythology. The Asus brand turned into designed to reflect the creature’s may, braveness, adventurousness, and expertise. thanks to the conspicuous …


Adobe Logo History and Evolution Story of Adobe

Adobe Logo History Adobe systems, Inc. has modified brand handiest once. It changed into designed by Marva Warnock, the enterprise cofounder’s wife, and changed into in use from 1892 till 1990. The emblem consisted of “Adobe” written in caps on a slate gray quadrangle with “structures integrated” below. The contemporary …


HP Logo History and Evolution Story of HP

HP Logo History The Hewlett-Packard employer become a US facts era company based totally in Palo Alto, California. The range of products it synthetic included hardware additives and software. founded in 1939, HP became the arena’s biggest laptop producer by using 2007 and stayed at the pinnacle until 2013. Meaning …