Aflac Logo History and Evolution Story of Aflac

Aflac Logo History Aflac is Americam organization which gives people and organizations of human beings with the supplemental insurance so as to assist them pay benefits which their health insurance can not cover. Its logo is very interesting. There you may see a blue phrase Aflac and imagination of goose …


MetLife Logo History and Evolution Story of MetLife

MetLife Logo History Metropolitan existence coverage organisation (greater regularly shortened to MetLife) had its first brand created by way of a US fashion designer Don Ervin. The blue wordmark turned into accompanied through a celebrity, which may be also interpreted as a stylized image of either M or L characters. …


Allstate Logo History and Evolution Story of Allstate

Allstate Logo History The Illinois-based organization Allstate is referred to as the 2d biggest private traces insurer in the US. a few of the publicly held insurers, it’s far the most important. Meaning of Allstate Logo The enterprise followed its first logo in 1931, the year it was based. Even …