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Dell Logo History and Evolution Story of Dell

Dell Logo History From early-late 2010, Dell’s logo was step by step spiced up into an enclosed thicker blue circle (within the identical shade as the wordmark), but the home windows 7 version of the preceding emblem had due to the fact that then remained use at the boot screens …


AT&T Logo History and Evolution History of AT&T

AT&T Logo History AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate preserving business enterprise, established at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas.[8] AT&T is the sector’s biggest telecommunications organisation. AT&T is the second one biggest issuer of mobile phone services and the biggest issuer of constant phone services inside the america, …


Apple Logo Story: Truth About History of Apple Logo

Apple Logo Story You can read real story behind apple logo. Why & when apple company change logo design, and what is the truth behind the apple logo, why steve jobs left apple before death.While Steve process himself suggested the phrase Apple for his and Steve Wozniak’s organization, the latter laughed …